Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yonks & Yonks

Summer photo

Been very busy blokes recently with some interesting stuff going on. Firstly we both took a break after finishing our degree, visiting Valencia and Download.

Since then we've had crits with a few people, all whom have been honest and generous with their time and given us some good tips to improve all round. This last month has been full of personal commitments and the usual moving home issues. Yet tomorrow should be an eventful day, we're off to D&AD New Blood and are booked into several workshops which we hope will teach us a thing or two.

Whilst on Weds we're back in little Farnham to graduate, with the two of us both collecting first class degrees which makes us smile a bit. Once that's all over, we will finally say goodbye to our all consuming 'university' and move back home to south London. From then onwards, we will be much more regular with posts and hope to get the portfolio up to scratch.

We will also have our new website up very soon, which can't come soon enough. Maybe see you at New Blood, otherwise the next post may contain some stupid graduation pictures.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Show

Dialogue went really well overall, more to be posted soon when less busy/tired.
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