Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well after a number of weeks of inactivity on this blog we're back and with a piece of our work! We have been busy to the max the last few weeks, having just finished an extended stay at Sony Music under the tutorship of Steve Milbourne and Phil Clandillon, two of the coolest and nicest guys we could have hoped to work for.
We originally came into the Sony fold for a few weeks to produce 'something' for Lissie - a girl with one of the most amazing voices we've heard and down to earth nature to go with it. Steve and Phil are known for their low budget, high impact stuff and amongst other accolades, were Best in Book in this year's Creative Review Annual, so to say we were bricking it would be an understatement. To see why, some of their work is here for you to take a peek at.
To cut a long story short, our concept was an interactive music video to be controlled by the weather. By clicking on a weather map under the video, the weather data is pulled and represented by the performances of Lissie and her band. After a few evolutions of the idea, the execution was refined and trimmed down to make it work by the boys and Simon Poon Tip, producer extraordinaire and all round lovely bloke. The website was made by the guys at Half Cyborg who did an awesome job, we think it looks lovely. So, I guess there isn't much else to say from this point other than enjoy, here's the link again.

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