Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thing’s we haven’t tried but one day hope to understand

It’s been a while since we’ve written anything of great length on here. Partly due to getting a bit tired of wanting to take our thoughts any further than our heads. Yet we’ve also spent a bit of time trying to do a few ‘actual’ things rather than just noting down thoughts on here.

It’s become clear that you can sometimes suck all the life out of ideas by over-analysing and for any creative’s that cannot be a good. It’s much better when you just understand and enjoy the human aspects of what makes something good, rather than ripping it to shreds, advert or otherwise.

As an aspiring team, we’ve tried to always have an opinion and stay open to viewpoints (Neil Perkin once wrote about how important it can be to employ young people who blog). What we’ve been thinking about recently is how we can put this enthusiasm to good use. Show that we understand what’s expected and then transfer that learning into our work in a less obvious manner. Simply, show what we’ve understood from our experiences outside of the industry.

This desire could well have come from working outside of university for a while, with Wilf working freelance on web and design projects and Luke learning his trade as a copywriter at Tag. It’s proved eye- opening, you become keen to use your skills for outside projects as well (Even if we do spend most of our spare time working on our book).

It’s taught us that there are a lot of ways to express our creativity than what you are taught in university; the most rewarding of these is investing it in something you feel passionate about. To help us sum it up better, here is a nice video by Nick Roope where he says this about an Orange project “Don’t tell them together we can do more. Show them together we can do more”.

In any case, it seems that it can only benefit us if we attempt new personal projects and experiences. As it’s only with experience that you really progress.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Some rather nice little notes on each of the slides. It can be easy to forget the simple things at junior level so it's well worth spending a minute over to make sure you don't loose track of what's important.

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