Friday, July 3, 2009

New Beginnings

So we spent a day at D&AD New Blood, which was rather helpful and attended some awesome workshops particuarly with the creatives from LBi who have a really interesting way of thinking which we liked. It was an informative day, allowing us to have a look at some of the other courses and have a chat with those grads that may be our peers in the years to come.

We also had a look at some of the work producued by those we inspire to work for at the 'Everyone starts somewhere' exhibition. It must be said that, some people complain that D&AD does not do enough for those trying to get into the industry, yet to us it seems like they provide the perfect platform for graduates to launch their careers from.

The first website produced by Flo Heiss

Then came our rather hot graduation day, something we've been looking forward to for the last year. After getting a taste for the industry with our dissertations and placement unit, we've been eager to finish the uni work so to just get some alone time with our book, and finally that time has come.
We've recovered from the hangover but not the sun burn.
Now onto the website and hard work

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