Monday, May 11, 2009

Screw The Card Complex

For one, most corporate business cards are crap. Agencies should let their staff have their own versions. Secondly, this site is really nice thought, it's dedicated to people who have done something positive after losing their job.

After all, the job shouldn't define you.
You should be defining the job.


Dave said...

As much as I agree with what you've written, I can't help feel for the people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, with families to support.

I think its great that people can stay positive after being let go but for some who's jobs pay for so much I have nothing but compassion.

Luke and Wilf said...

Well, it was a post written to show compassion for people that had lost their jobs...I like what they have done, turning the negative of losing their jobs into many different positives. I admire them the confidence they have shown.

As for business cards in general, I just hate the way that they are mostly about the company, when they should celebrate the individual as well.


Luke and Wilf said...

P.S The title of the post refers to American physco and the scene when he becomes obsessed with business cards.

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