Friday, August 7, 2009

We Have Mostly Been

Working on our entry for the D&AD digital workshops, which we submitted on Weds.
The brief was to persuade more football fans to purchase a replica shirt from the Nike online store rather than club shops.
Pissing around with stamps Wilf bought from FailBlog.

Developing some ideas we've had for our book and drinking lots of beverages, both alcoholic and non. The drinking bit has mostly been in the company of people who have some interesting things to say about advertising, including a rather fun first meeting with Sam and an eye opening chat with Alfred.


Hayes Thompson said...

Wotcha - you heard about the nike workshop yet?

Luke & Wilf beta said...

Nope no word yet, we are hoping that they are just being a bit slow with it. Fingers crossed and all that.

Have you entered? If so, then any word?

Hayes Thompson said...

Yes we heard last week - just one month late. See you there?

Luke & Wilf beta said...

Ha. Yes a bit late but we shall be joining you Hayes. See you next week then.

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