Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look what Garth said on twitter

Garth crooks sent this tweet out shortly after the Chelsea game. It's since been deleted but we've got a screen grab that we took last night. He makes a valid point.


Wilf said...

Shut up Luke, Chelski are shite but Mourinho is God

Mike said...

What are you fellas up to? Been a bit quiet recently?

Luke & Wilf beta said...

We've just been a bit busy really.

Day jobs, portfolio work and the trials and tribulations of supporting Man U and Charlton take their toll.

Plus, we've taken to only posting about things that we want to go in depth about. There are also a fair few teams now that seem to just post things up for the sake of it, repeating what everybody else is saying and that's just not what we want to be about.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Open firefly