Friday, September 12, 2008

A Small Step But A Good One For Pantene

Ok, today I watched a new Pantene ad that was four minutes long and only shown once (Shown in Thailand.) This sounds quite familiar to a current trend, what with the 'watch your own heart attack' for the British Heart Foundation or the Honda 'difficult is worth doing' spot, although the second being much better simply for its live airing and sheer balls.

Patene for as long as I can remember, have not done much more than the pack shot and product demonstration style ads. So this advert marks a step forward in my eyes, it may just be them catching up with the pack, such as Unilever's Dove 'campaign for real beauty', but its a start. It has an emotional depth to it and something for consumers to identify with, this being the challenge of feeling good about yourself.

The ad has a more emotional feel to it, although my lack of knowledge of the Thai market means that I can't really say if it is bang on, but it does do something for me. My only issue with this is that I don' believe it to be a great tale and this is where it may fall short. Maybe also the decision to air it only once, when I think that a story such as this could also be shown in cinemas, where consumers are ready to be entertained. It may have been a market based decision to use the Internet rather than anything else based in Thailand.

Lets hope that the more emotional strategy is pushed more in the UK, it would be nice to see what could be done.


Wal said...

good ad / branded content almost. didn't think much of the butterfly at the end.

Rusty said...

Cheers lads! I will do, thanks for listening and reading!

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