Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progress Report & The Start Of The Degree Show Plans

It has been a while since we managed to post, mainly due to moving around, attending Festivals and the like. So, just an update for those out there that pop by, our new University room is on its way to gaining our contribution, which is a few posts below.

Whilst we are also in the process organising the foundations for our degree show, which we hope will do our three years justice. If anyone has any tips on this subject, it would be very useful, or anyone first hand experience, it's all welcome.


Gorilla Blogger said...

Which advertising festivals did you get to lads?

I've been stuck in the big smoke so always curious to chat about the scene outside, assuming it was outside of the big L.

My advice for the degree show (planning ahead aren't you, this must be a year or so away now?) is do something that will make someone go "fuc*. me.", you know, something special. I know you can do it, I can smell it inside you both.

Good luck& Chat soon yeah

Luke and Wilf said...

ah it wasn't an advertising festival, it was a music festival (Bestival.) Although we may go to the London design festival.

It's our final year of study, so we have around eight months or ten months or so till graduation.

Just want to do something that will do justice to our three years of study.

Hayley said...

For the degree show at UCLan in June, most of us kept it simple. Some brought in props that enhanced the strongest campaign they had up in their booth. Others had their ambient/DM pieces made up to have on display for others to view and use.

At the end of the day it'll come down to the work that you do and what best suits it. Only advice I can give you is: don't distract the viewer from your work! Throw too many "fancy" things into the mix, and they'll just get confused at everything that's going on instead.

Maybe you could create some kind of branding for yourself and a logo/promo material of some sorts. One girl in my class called Becks, brought in a crate full of Becks lager with all of the labels altered to have her picture on them and info about herself on the back. The way you try to make yourself personally known to the CDs coming to your show is what will probably get the most attention, so just do something really simple and clever that they can take away with them as a reminder : )

Gorilla Blogger said...

12 49

Bestival! Nice, I heard the branding was amazing this year. The website certainly made an impact on me
Soundtrack a bit old though?

You'll have to keep us updated on what you do 4 da show!

11 36

I wonder if he ever looked at a bottle of Becks the same way again.

Hayley said...

Well let's just say, the girl with the Becks bottles - she got herself straight in at TBWA\Manchester, and has been there nearly 3 months now. So a bit of humorous branding of yourself/your work can go a long way (plus rubbing shoulders with the CDs who come to your show, of course!)

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