Friday, November 7, 2008


We've both been very busy recently with our dissertations, and some uni briefs that are exciting. Apologies to anyone that has checked back to see a new post and been disappointed, things might be a bit quiet for a bit whilst we slog through the mountain of books that Wilf and myself have to read. To give you an update:

I am focusing on the subject of 'Web 2.0' and how it can help us to produce Advertising that has a positive social impact and truly improves the quality of peoples lives. Much of this includes the notion of 'Ethics' which I believe to be an important thing to have in any profession. It is with this, that I ask any of you reading to maybe have a think about the possibilities that marketing through web 2.0 can poses. Particularly the idea that through the channels we now have at our disposal, do you believe it possible to have two- way communication, or is all this open source and consumer freedom false?

Answers on anything from a postcard upwards please and if anyone would be willing to sit down for a wider chat, drop us an email.

A relaxing image to take our minds off the dissertations.


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