Monday, November 24, 2008

Sigur Ros

Went to see Sigur Ros on Friday night, an amazing gig, awe inspiring music and visuals. Left feeling inspired and wanting to influence the people around us
. Waterfalls in front of the stage, confetti flying above us, blinding lights and shivers up our spines.

Makes you think, when you look back, you will always remember that night. Did anyone else see them?


DIno said...

I saw them in June and it was pretty spectacular. They have something special about them. I saw Interpol in June too and that was very similar. They were both really dramatic but one was really open and the other insular. Really inspiring though. It rained and that just made it better.

Where did you see them at?

Luke and Wilf said...

Saw them at Alexandra Palace, which just made it even better. Even though it was a huge space, it was really intense, as you pointed out.

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