Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warm Fuzzy Data

I went to the Science museum over the weekend to play around with all the fun interactive stuff in the 'launchpad.' Also checked out The Listening Post which we wrote a small piece on in Contagious Magazine during the summer. Thought it a good idea to check it out again, as it's truly inspiring and leaves you wanting to know a lot more.

The Listening Post works by filtering words written in chat rooms across the web, and producing these on screens in real time. It's created by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, two very clever guys. We hope you manage to check it out before the exhibition closes as our words cannot do it justice.

We got thinking about what else has been produced since the Listening Post and discovered a piece of work by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, called We Feel Fine. It works in a similar way and is just as visually impressive.

Its nice to see work that inspires.

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