Monday, September 29, 2008

Insane Diesel Advert

Not sure if this is real, but if it is...well it pushes the idea of viral ads to the max. Our thoughts on this are that Diesel may be following a tactic once adopted by Benetton, that you don't need to show your clothes to get attention for a fashion brand. It links to the shop fascia that was created for the Carnaby street store.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hot Drinks & Gluttony

Working on a brief for Twinings sub-brand Options with our planner mate George. Have invested in a pile of Options to see what the products are like to use. Does anyone else find this useful? As we don't always do this but we thought it would be nice to take a trip to the supermarket, as fun things always happen there.

Also, both Wilf and myself are obsessed with the Wario takeover of YouTube, so damn good.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Small Step But A Good One For Pantene

Ok, today I watched a new Pantene ad that was four minutes long and only shown once (Shown in Thailand.) This sounds quite familiar to a current trend, what with the 'watch your own heart attack' for the British Heart Foundation or the Honda 'difficult is worth doing' spot, although the second being much better simply for its live airing and sheer balls.

Patene for as long as I can remember, have not done much more than the pack shot and product demonstration style ads. So this advert marks a step forward in my eyes, it may just be them catching up with the pack, such as Unilever's Dove 'campaign for real beauty', but its a start. It has an emotional depth to it and something for consumers to identify with, this being the challenge of feeling good about yourself.

The ad has a more emotional feel to it, although my lack of knowledge of the Thai market means that I can't really say if it is bang on, but it does do something for me. My only issue with this is that I don' believe it to be a great tale and this is where it may fall short. Maybe also the decision to air it only once, when I think that a story such as this could also be shown in cinemas, where consumers are ready to be entertained. It may have been a market based decision to use the Internet rather than anything else based in Thailand.

Lets hope that the more emotional strategy is pushed more in the UK, it would be nice to see what could be done.

Our Mate Jeff

Whilst away at Bestival I went to see a artist by the name of Jeffrey Lewis (Pictures of Bestival and a post are to come, once photos are developed.) Not only was he a very cheerful guy, despite the rain. After his gig, he was then nice enough to step the other side of the barriers and stand in a huge wallow of muddy water and have a chat with us (Even if he was flogging his comics as well.)

So, I bought one of his comics, which is actually rather neat, some nice stories and for only three of our great British pounds. The main reason I'm writing this post is out of respect, for a man whom still is down to earth enough to speak to everyone and write comics that have a real heart and soul to them.

Not to mention, his illustration is damn hot. Check him out.

15.09.08 (Following The Trend For Once)

dim3 ak7ion

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progress Report & The Start Of The Degree Show Plans

It has been a while since we managed to post, mainly due to moving around, attending Festivals and the like. So, just an update for those out there that pop by, our new University room is on its way to gaining our contribution, which is a few posts below.

Whilst we are also in the process organising the foundations for our degree show, which we hope will do our three years justice. If anyone has any tips on this subject, it would be very useful, or anyone first hand experience, it's all welcome.
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