Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Is Reality

Nice Ad by the Coen bros is below, it's direct and hopefully a brutal kick in the face to the coal industry. It is all in aid of 'The Reality Coalition' which has a very nice website, with lots of information to help the likes of us wise up to how we get our energy. We can't really do the cause the justice it deserves, so please check out the website. Although we hope that this at least goes some way to raising the profile of the cause.


The Idea Bakery said...

Hi Luke.

Yeh its great that the dissertation has been handed in! Are you off to new blood this year? did u enter Dandad??


Luke and Wilf said...

Nope, we won't be at new blood sadly, instead we will be holding our own show at Free Range, we will send you an invite. As for D&AD, we will be sending our work off next week once the boards are together, all a bit of a stress right now.

Anonymous said...

What are my thoughts on the science museum?

…Thoughts, thoughts. I’m guessing, as this final project of yours will be fully researched you will be clued up on the Science Museum already. You will be aware of the good points (interaction with exhibition content) and bad points (a Himalaya of a stairwell and a bookshop kicked to one side). In saying that, I think it’s a well-balanced environment of the traditional exhibition pieces you expect to see and the many peculiar mechanisms, built for kids, but enjoyed by grown ups too – I spent a good hour on the fifth floor of fun.
According to their website, the intention of the Science Museum is to ‘bring life to science and science to life’. It does. What’s more, it does it with a sense of humour. Read their annotations adjacent to the exhibition stands, play with their experiments, look at their poster campaign. They all exemplify the correlation between us and science in an informative and entertaining manner. I’m pretty sure they must have had a long, hard look at Innocent and seen how the brand has developed a strong rapport with its audience by use of off-kilter ideas and frequent inclusion of words like ‘stuff’ and ‘things’. People like stuff, they like things. I know I do anyway. On the Innocent site there is a video of Richard talking about how well his product and company reflect each other. And below is a link to a design blog talking about Burger King’s imitation of the Innocent brand.
If you want to read a bit more about brands I recommend seeing what Will has to say.
He has a knack of hitting the nail on the head in each of his posts. (That’s planners for you.) You might also want to read how the general public rate the Science Museum. Trip Advisor has their thoughts here.
So, those were my thoughts. I hope they helped. Good luck with the project chaps.

Open firefly