Monday, March 16, 2009


Saw this today on the Guardian site, it's created using Brushes on the iPhone.

It's made us think about the notion of masterpieces. We had a debate a while ago, wondering why we hardly hear about modern masterpieces, there's loads of work in the Tate modern, but nothing is really described as a modern masterpiece. Besides, we aren't really fans of what is considered contemporary art.

Maybe, masterpieces are dependent on the context of when they are made. Lots of paintings were created a long time ago, that will forever be considered masterpieces. Does that mean that the masterpieces of our time, should use technology that is specific to what we use now.

In this case, the work linked above by Jorge Colombo could be considered a modern masterpiece. His skill in creating pictures on a tiny screen using his fingers, that could easily have been created by an ab
stract artist with a brush, show huge amounts of skill. So could it be that we just need to push the limits of current technology? Masterpieces on canvas are gone, we should now explore other possibilities.

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