Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughts From Greenroom

This week we went to Greenroom as part of the d&ad digital workshops and it was an interesting experience.

The brief was for Rowntree's Randoms and the ideas shown by the group showed an improvement in our eyes. So much so that so of the ideas lead us to think about a few things, thus the reason for this post.

Firstly, there was a nice idea about digital screens. It got us thinking about the use of screens for content generation. After all, billboards have normally been used to display messages, not in the creation of them. It’s something that could be very useful for user-generated campaigns, which mostly seem to rely on the user going to a site or filming it on their camera for uploading. Instead you could buy space around the city so that users could partake in the experience during their daily routine. All you’d need is a camera in the board and enabling it to showcase the footage when active. This thought links with this footage that’s been doing the rounds.

Hand from Above from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

ARG’s are very nice and can turn out to be amazing campaigns (We created one for our final major project, to help the Science museum attract more adult visitors.) What you should remember is that they need to tap into the culture of those you are targeting if you want them to be a success. In most cases, this means they only work for fanboys of films, music, etc. There is every chance that you could create an ARG for a something with less value, yet it would have to be the most amazing story and pr stunt ever.

Lastly, someone asked a question about keeping up with technology and if it mattered to the CD. He replied with a rather nice answer that we cannot remember but in our head we’d sum it up by saying, It doesn’t matter what technology you are using, what matters is that you are tapping into the culture in the right way.


Mike said...

Lovely. :)

The Idea Bakery said...

hey, how are you finding the workshops?

Im thinking about applying to it.. worth a shot?

Luke & Wilf beta said...

The workshops were good overall. It was a bit stressful doing them whilst we also had the full time work, as at times you have to rush some of the briefs.

It’s a good way to meet more people that are also at the bottom of the ladder and creative directors that you may respect and then get book crits from.

The briefs themselves were good and then agencies we attended were varied which gave a nice taster.

We'd say go for it.

It was better than the traditional workshops that we did earlier in the year, as the agencies were willing to give you more of their time.

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