Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Grown Up Meeting

Last weekend Luke had the interesting job of documenting Innocent's AGM with the use of an iPhone taped to a big orange helmet.

You can see the photos that were captured here, along with a few tweets to add a bit of context. What you might not see are all the faces of the people he walked past on the journey from his house to Fruit Towers or hear the laughter of the people on the tube. That he will be keeping to himself.

The Consumer Cam as it was named, was dreamt up by the gang at RIG. They were asked to make sure the show the day from the consumers point of view, instead of what Innocent wanted to put across. Something that really shows the nice human side to the company and their attempts to be honest in what they do.

The day itself was really rather good, with tasting sessions for new recipes, Q+A sessions with the founders and fun presentations to understand the goings on behind the scenes.

More of the highlights can be seen on the Innocent blog and a video below of all the pictures sped up.

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