Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well who's a lucky boy then?

He's a man's man, according to Foursquare anyway

As well as having been crowned Cyber king of the Guardian competition, Luke was also deemed most manly man of all by FCUK, who were using Foursquare checkins to judge by. In a busy, busy two weeks, he graced with his presence, Wembley stadium, Charlton's mighty Valley, and the not so mighty Selhurst park, as well as a host of burrito joints and pubs. The cunning stunt also decided to name my house in tribute to someone dear to my heart, for which he will eventually pay dearly. As he deceived FCUK of his true manly actions, he has been instructed to buy me some nice socks to appease me for the time being. The joys of being in a creative team, eh? Here's the article. And here are our stalk co-ordinates Luke, Wilf.

UPDATE: Having worked with Luke for 2 years now, I was shocked and horrified to see this in a phone box up in town one day, I am considering contacting FCUK to have his title removed as this is clearly not manly behaviour and he's been hiding this secret life from all of us...

Shocking, I know, but I guess we all have secrets...

In other news, the 'boy' has also been selected to be the "outsider" at the Innocent AGM, which is happening this coming Saturday. He'll be giving us a bigger report on that after it's all happened. Follow the meeting on Innocent's Twitter accounts here and here.

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