Friday, August 29, 2008

Psycho Buildings At The Hayward

All summer I've been trying to find enough time to get my arse down to the Southbank to have a look the Psycho buildings exhibition at the Hayward gallery. Despite my best efforts, my rowing technique was rubbish (I maintain that Wilf is 'the' rower of the team but as he could not make the trip, I was left stranded on the boating lake for several minutes.)

I really liked the idea of the boats on the roof, it made it feel less like a wanky exhibit and much more about the visuals. Some of the other pieces were interesting for the sheer thought and the simple yet effective ideas. These pieces of work, similar to the best adverts, were simple, well produced and keep you captivated. The most uplifting feeling was that, it seemed that all concerned understood the power of architecture and its power to tell a story and make a difference. A nice thing to do when stuck for inspiration.

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