Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In your face parents!

We had been told that something like this might happen
when we play computer games. Now, we're not too sure.

According to researchers in the US, all our hours of convincing ourselves that leaving the PC or Xbox alone to get on with our work was the best course of action, it seems that (and also for the sake of our eyesight) we were wrong! Groups of adults were tested in large numbers (22
students, yup just like us), split between Sims 2 and Call of Duty 2 and Unreal Tournament. Those in the action half recorded a 43% increase in their ability to detect different shades of grey and 58% increase in ability to detect fine differences of contrast, whilst the boring old Sims lot scored none.
Thus, we have deduced that it is now more useful for creatives and those who look finely at bits of colour to play action computer games than it is to read a book on it. And also for the sake of our eyesight, we should be doing it the honour of honing its skill in detecting a fuller spectrum of tones and playing games.


Dave said...

well theres my justification for a new xbox 360 right there! cheers guys

Lauren said...

By stating this Wilf you have now given Luke an excuse as to why he should play the xbox. I will hunt you down and kick you. Hard

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