Monday, April 13, 2009

NIN Access

Really like this, it's the future for music and is exactly the mindset that inspires us. The GPS related chat feature is the best function, it has the potential to change the experience of seeing a gig for those who are present or watching on the internet.


Anonymous said...

what a pile of shit.
Like I'm going to go to a concert to take pictures and blog.
rather get pissed and off my head thanks, as everyone else would.

Luke and Wilf said...

Well some people like to get drunk, but that isn't everyone. A fair few people may see a a gig with NIN as something very personal to them, and could well want to share those photos.

All the same, I'd rather a band was using technology in a way such a this, especially in the face of the record labels. Its two fingers to those that just sit around getting pissed waiting for the money to roll in.

Anonymous said...

It's digital for digitals sake.
Some shit band that are yesterday's news trying to reinvent themselves via the medium of ponce.

Luke and Wilf said...

Yes a shit band but better they try and push the boundaries. Digital should be about giving everyone more of a share of whatever it is thats on offer; in this case NIN, so in our eyes it does well.

It could be developed but its a start and rather than insult, surely its better to embrace the advancement and which can only bring benefits for us in the future, just hopefully not in the form of NIN.

Also, if its the medium of ponce, then why are you reading a blog?

Wilf said...

I completely disagree that this app is useless and is doing it for doing its sake. The most important fact is that a band like NIN, (I am not a fan, but know there a plenty) they have a HUGE fanbase, almost to the point of obsession. They aren't just a bunch of musicians who people listen to - the fans relate to the music, dress the same way, it is more of a lifestyle than a fanclub. For any NIN fan, it is sure to be extremely popular.

To say that you'd go to a gig and just get pissed, well maybe you do, but you certainly don't speak for everyone else out there, and also shows you don't go out a lot, cause I don't remember the last time I didn't see a camera at a gig.

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