Monday, September 14, 2009

Small Thought

Issues with iTunes made us think about how we listen to music these days. Apart from iTunes, we personally use Spotify, Deezer and The Hype Machine (The last being a personal favourite.)

So Hype Machine in particular has its own online feed of songs, which randomly generates new tracks that seem to relate to the popularity of each track in musical blog land. Which to us is awesome, as most of the people that write music blogs are the people that go to tiny gigs that you can't be bothered to attend. Then you get to sift through all their hard work for little musical nuggets, making you feel like your down with all the new music and before all the commercial hype and blah. Anyway, we digress.

Our point is that Spotify or preferably the Hype machine should broadcast on a digital frequency (If they do not already.) Thus allowing you to listen to the random stream of music whilst in your car or on your snazzy new iPod with it's in-built radio. Wouldn't that be ace, then the blogs would really get a following and build an even larger community. This might already exist, but if it doesn't then maybe we should make it happen. Any thoughts on this, let us know.

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