Sunday, December 27, 2009

The post that started last year and won’t end till the next

We had intended to try and write about our favourite work from last year in quite some depth but that’s fallen by the wayside due to heavy drinking and bouts of food induced coma’s. Instead here is a small list with a few slapdash words.

whopper sacrifice – Offering you a simple reason to take annoying people of your friend list and changing behaviour on Facebook.

Baker tweet
– Real time updates so that you can get the freshest baked foods. Not to mention some great writing.

– Writers were able to inspire riders during the tour and promote the Livestrong cause.

Facebook showroom
– Using Facebook’s features to spread news of the Malmo store opening.

Best job in the world
– Promoting tourism to Australia with a whole load of PR behind it and a very effective idea.

Philips Carousel – Great piece of work but not sure how much it actually sells the product as there isn’t even much association.

McDonalds favourite – Amazing writing and pretty bang on what Maccy d’s is all about.

Monopoly city streets – Got off to a bad start but its good that the brand is experimenting with digitalising its games.

The Zimbabwean trillion dollar billboard – Just a very powerful idea.

The Obama campaign
- Simply the most advanced campaign for government ever held. Embracing the views of the people as well as clearly stating his views for the world to review.

The Newspaper club
– Taking digital design into the real world. Holding a physical piece of paper when you read can be a very nice experience and just look at wired magazine for an example of an enriched physical experience.

As for this year, we’re not making any resolutions or predictions. Instead it’s more about making sure that we take part in lots of random acts in both advertising and life as a whole. Taking inspiration from Dave Trott here and his stories that show just how much you can learn if you throw caution to the wind. Guess we'll have to see how this has gone by the end of the year.

It feels best to use the words of a great man to bring it all into context.

“Don’t look for the next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity.” Paul Arden.

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