Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We've been

Enjoying spending some time in the company of other creative teams, attending industry events, competitions and generally working on our book. It’s been a busy two months, full with highs and lows but it’s been fun that’s for sure. The main highlights are below, some of which may be old news for some readers who follow our twitter.

UK Young Lions winners 2010

Luke entered the Guardian Cannes Young Lions competition with our good friend Alfred who is a very switched on lad (Wilf could not enter as he works freelance and is not based in an agency). They did well, claiming a runners-up spot in the print category. Happily, they won the Cyber category with the idea shown in the film below. It means they are heading to Cannes to compete against teams from across the world and to show the world what the UK has to offer.

Centrepoint - Websites Sleeping Rough from Alfred Malmros on Vimeo

The Newspaper Society

A few weeks ago we also attended the ‘Young team of the year’ competition (Run by the Newspaper Society). We were given a brief to produce a campaign for Strongbow that would run in local media. We had to present our idea to a panel of top judges by the end of the day and the experience of generating ideas in a room full of other teams was pretty rewarding. After speaking to most of the teams, it seems like there was a very similar thought in each teams idea but the teams that won managed to quickly convert it into an original execution. Afterward, some lovely people with cameras asked us all to explain our idea which you can see below (Best to click through to watch it on YouTube).

Err, yeah.....

We didn’t win but the two teams that did were given the chance to go and face the rest of Europe on another brief at ‘BestYet team of the year’. And we can now report that one of the UK teams (Gavin and Julia) won the competition.Below you can watch a little piece of content that the Newspaper Society have produced to generate views of the work and interest in future competitions (Again best to click through to watch it on YouTube).


The Idea Bakery said...

really fantastic centre point idea guys. well done! when u off to cannes?

Luke & Wilf beta said...

Thanks Emily. We head out to the festival on the 19th which will be pretty exciting. Hope to see you and Cate soon.

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