Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Firefly On The Blog

So after a day on the blog, both myself and Wilf have been thinking of how to get conversation going, after having a quick brainstorm we decided to get visitors to talk on the page, not just through comments, but whilst reading the blog overall. Therefore Wilf has enabled Firef.ly for all you guys and gals that want to have a conversation with us or any visitors, its at the bottom right of the screen, or the little switch below our posts(Makes the screen go a nice orange tint.)

The hope is that it will enable feedback on the blog to become easier, as well as giving us a chance to have a chat with you all. I must say, thanks to Rubbishcorp for the original post on his blog that brought it to our attention. Lets hope that this catches on, as we like to have a talk every so often, plus it beats Facebook chat. The best thing about this, is that if you are on an enabled site, you can send a twitter update from the site, possibly recommending what you've just read.


Rusty said...

Thats awesome! How do you get that on your blog? (i.e my blog!)Cheers!

Luke and Wilf said...

Dude, i cant quite explain, its to do with HTML code. I tried to do add it but i was no good, so i left it to Wilf as he's a pro.

Rusty said...

Ah right no worries!:)

Luke and Wilf said...

when he logs on next time, i'll nag him to leave a post for you.

Open firefly