Monday, August 4, 2008

Innocent Village Fete Fun

Yesterday I (Luke) went to the Innocent Village Fete and lots of fun was had whilst running from tree to tree. Sadly it is not the habit of this team to take umbrellas out with them (Hoods being the choice of the youth) and therefore I spent most of my time under a tree watching the folks dancing at the alfresco ballroom. The whole feeling of the day was great and the team at Innocent even entertain you in the queue for the toilets.

I think that these kind of events can sometimes be done rather badly, but congrats to Innocent for pulling of a great weekend. It was nice to see a whole range of causes about the fete and I've even made a pledge to walk more. It must be said, when a brand not only promotes itself in such an easy going manner but also manages to help out many good causes, you are sure to go down a storm.


Rachel and Debbie said...

Tips on Blogging: Keep going and going and going. You may think theres nothing to write about on a certain day but look at a few blogs, release frustration, what are you doing right now? and you have a new post!

Your third year will disappear but your doing all the right things writing a blog and getting an earilish start.

Don't be afraid to share ideas, opinions or ask for help cos all that stuff about "they'll steal my idea!" aint true, we'll just hate you because we didn't think of it first! joking. Ideas that get shared get better or you find out they weren't as good as you thought it was. Free Crits!

Anyways, good luck. x

Rachel and Debbie said...

where are you doing work experience then?

Luke and Wilf said...

at Tag Worldwide, more production based, but still insightful. Starting to learn how things work a bit more.

Wal said...

welcome to blogland guys! good luck at TAG

Adam said...

hiya guys, welcome to the blogosphere! Make sure you wipe your feet before you enter!

Mike said...

Yeah, A big Hello from Mike & Phil - we're still relatively new - You find there's a number of different Blogs out there - some for ads, some for ideas - your best bet is to do your own thing - Ours is record of what we do and a little about what we like.

Drop by and Say hi sometime!

Gorilla Blogger said...

hey guys, looks like this is the intro space. So welcome to the sexy land of blogging were talk is cheap and men are cheaper ;)

I don't know what I just said but hope you liked it as much as I did your first post.

Natter soon then.

Open firefly