Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trip Into The Past (MOB)


It's been a while, today whilst Wilf was working I took a trip to the museum of brands, as I've been trying to crack some copy which was causing me issues, I think it's better now and I rather enjoyed myself. It was extremely interesting to see how some things hardly change, even if they way we perceive them does.

I sat watching some really memorable TV spots for a while, at least an hour, some classic Hamlet ones.

Some of the copy on the posters was unreal, the way communication took place decades ago seems more to the point. It may just be the fact that we are bombarded with lots of useless messages on top of the good stuff, but I cant help thinking that we now consider many more factors when thinking of ad's.

Check it out.

Also, thanks to everyone for the comments on the last post, if you have actually decided to keep reading, then this is for you. Plans are underway to get the idea from the blog wall to a physical one.

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