Monday, October 13, 2008

Aurelio Gonzales

The above photo is of Aurelio Gonzales, he is the new target for the remaining Death Match assassins. He is a distant relation of a member of the Bureau and is in Farnham to sign a huge oil contract. The Bureau has decided that they do not wish this to occur and wish remaining assassins to kill him before he signs the deal. Due to a clash of interests, the Bureau will still be protecting Aurelio Gonzales so as to not draw attention when he is eliminated. Although, as we will be protecting him, we can disclose the details of his whereabouts.

He will be leaving the Lion & Lamb statue at exactly 3pm and taking an unknown route to the park near the police station. Once there he will wait to meet the other parties, this is the time for you to strike. Just remember that Bureau bodyguards will attempt to stop you. Aurelio Gonzales will also be wearing his trademark red fez...

Good luck and remember that the first assassin to kill Aurelio will be named the Ultimate Death Match Assassin.

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