Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Five, Stay Alive

The Bureau woke up to day five with a headache, the reason for this being the previous days antics. Our leading assassin (6 Kills) managed to gain entry to a targets house and stalked through the rooms until he realised that his target was not home, although others were. This resulted in one of the housemates locking the front door with all the locks she could get her hands on, locking the other housemates out in the process. This meant we had an assassin without a house, whilst still being hunted by the top killer. A very harrowing situation to be in, no place to go and the knowledge that you may soon be hunted again.

Our top killer so far.

This led to the Bureau receiving lots of calls and an increasingly large headache. Luckily for that assassin her hunter was killed that evening after he left work, although he is still top with six kills. It was also lucky that on Friday morning another housemate returned home and managed to bash all the locks off the door. So security at last for our assassin, but it goes to show the drama that has been going on over the past few days.

The Bureau also managed to catch up with 'The Pizza Guy' an assassin that had converted an old pizza box into a tool to hide his gun whilst attacking unsuspecting targets. He stalked around the university halls in search of his target and even returned to a house twice in search of a target. The target's housemates liked the idea so much, that they said they would even help him out with the assassination by arranging a time for him to come round when the target was in. Whilst other efforts of 'The Pizza Guy' have been luring unsuspecting classmates into meeting up with him, promising to give them information on their own target before he assassinates them; another involved a straight chase down the road after a target....Be warned 'The Pizza Guy' is still out there...

'The Pizza Guy'

As I write this, at the end of the fifth day, we have 14 players left. So if you are left in the game, go out and hunt. Hunt until day turns to night, until your trigger finger get so cold that it doesn't move, you only have two days left. The more assassins you kill, the closer you will become to the the ultimate prize....if we don't have a winner by Sunday afternoon, the rules will all change and you will regret not hunting more targets down.

Good luck assassins.


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