Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drive-By On Day Four

First of all, sorry that we haven't been able to post for a few days, things have been very hectic.

Day four started in a frenzied fashion, way before classes had even started, the day produced its first kill. Whilst walking along the road, an assassin realised that a car was slowly following him and a friend. At that moment the car rushed past with a jet of water shooting from its window, luckily missing the assassin. Sadly for him, the car then pulled up and his hunter chased him along an ally to make sure the job was done. It's been a feature of the last few days that cars have been used when hunting targets, one assassin even using his motorbike and referred to himself as "The Black Knight."

A failed assassination attempt by two pairs of assassins. It ended with one pair trapped in their car until the other car left.

Was a good laugh for The Bureau who watched it all unfold.

That same day a member of The Bureau was involved in their own soaking. After driving a housemate/ assassin around for a while in search of their target, it was decided to try their house again. Unknown to the assassin, was the fact that not only was their target home, but all the other members of the eight person household, whom proceeded to soak both assassin and Bureau member. The assassin was very cheesed off, yet another attempt foiled by these housemates whilst the target peeks through the window with a grin on his face. Although it must be said, after the soaking of The Bureau member, there will be consequences and The Bureau will soon be out and about with super soakers and water balloons to avenge the soaking.....

You have been warned.


DIno said...

Love this whole assassin game lads! Sounds awesome, would be great for an Ad too. Keep it up!

Luke and Wilf said...

Cheers dude.

It's gone really well. We are going to do a larger version at the start of the new year. Hope things are going well your end.

Open firefly