Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let The Killing Begin

Well, Death Match is underway and we've already had 16 kills. A fundraiser for our degree show, Death Match is a water gun assassination tournament based in our university town of Farnham. We took inspiration from Street Wars, an American organised Water assassination tournament. The game has been organised by Myself, Luke and our course mate, George and we have about 60 people playing, all trying to 'kill' each other. So far, Farnham has been witness to assassins disguising themselves as Pizza delivery men; fellow students looking to collaborate; innocent, helpful passers-by and Inspector Gadget. Assassinations have taken place in cars, in doorways, in hallways and one whilst the target was asleep in his bed, things can only get messier!

Our assassins have been distributed Target Packs, with a target card and rule sheet, as seen below:

As well as the 'Ultimate Assassin' trophy that will be given to the winner, we have a prize for the most kills, which is currently being strongly contested by the Inspector Gadget lookalike. We are also encouraging the contestants to document their missions so as to dispel any possible disputes that could arise, and to create a bit of competitiveness. We have been suprised by the dedication shown by a few contestants, particularly so early on, and so have their targets! We've also been asked by some of the brave fallen to host another Match so they can reap their revenge - something we would be more than happy to arrange. Our only regret so far is that we can't get involved in the match itself.

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