Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Death Match Final Standings

Here is a list showing the order in which assassins were killed, we hope it means there are no disputes between assassins.

Disqualified For Not Killing

John Dobbs
Tom Tsappis
James Pierson
Cass Gregan
James Corlett
Lee Sullivan
Ashley Summers
Ewan Guilder

Resigned Gracefully From Tournament

Panagiotis Papamatthaiou
Chris MacFarlane

Killed During Tournament (Starting From First Killed)

Ben Ring
Jamie Kendall
Carmen Rohsmann-Sinnott
Jack Attridge
Rachel Bean
Alistair Singer
Dave George
Kate Herron
Lauren Cautley
Sam Heasman
Will Jenner
Vanessa Peters
Gaow Changsomboon
Mike Thomas
Emma Wood
Matt Hawkins
Karl Littlejohn
Jemma Akister
Helen Gabriel
Melissa Gillespie
Chris Horrex
Alex Battershall
Timothy Holt
Christina Bruce
Andrew Tarrent
Reece Starr
Luke Middleton
Amrit Kaur
Dave Lawrie
Ed Coleman
Chris Pike
Sam Ely
Reuben Millmore
Jamie Wood
Anthony Woodley
Claire Pinegar

The Finalists

Lauren Dyer
Hannah Vyner
Steve Martin
Matt Roach
Greg Nicholls
Amiirah Nobbebacus

The Ultimate Assassin

Chris Payne

Death Match will return, so share what you know and we hope to get even more people playing next time. Any thoughts on it, post on our comments section.

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