Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An End To The Mayhem

The final details were sent to remaining assassins on the Monday, including information on Aurelio Gonzales and his plans for the day. So at 3pm, the Bureau took on the role of bodyguards for Aurelio Gonzales, transporting him from the lion and lamb statue to the meeting point in the park.

The first event of the final occurred literally at the moment the final started, with 'The pizza guy' dashing out of Starbucks and behind a pillar, unfortunately for him, his Wario- like snigger alerted the Bureau, who quickly shot him, disabling him for twenty minutes. The Bureau then set a course to the park through the back roads of Farnham and then along the high street. Whilst walking along the street we came very close to shooting an innocent lady, as she walked round a corner right into the Bureau's path, we pointed our guns at her, trigger fingers itching. She let out a whimper and shouted, but the Bureau ignored her, more focused on the task at hand.

Then we made our way to the park, walking through the entrance we noticed another assassin, stalking slowly behind us, but he soon scarpered. Once set up in the park, with entrances covered and Aurelio near the centre, we began to patrol. First noticing an assassin entering the park and then hurriedly leaving, followed by 'the pizza guy' sprinting towards Aurelio, gun in hand. Luckily we caught him just before he could get in range to shoot.

The park soon became overrun by assassins, with five of the finalists all surrounding the perimeter, waiting for the chance to strike. Whilst with only two bodyguards protecting Aurelio, the Bureau were outnumbered. The resolution to the situation came when the two female assassins made a dash for Aurelio, whilst 'the pizza guy' tried his luck from another direction. These attempts lead to both bodyguards chasing away assassins and leaving Aurelio alone. At that exact moment, another assassin jumped over the park wall and sprinted towards the target, whilst both bodyguards were busy, he took his chance and pounced. Using a weapon that only held enough water for one shot, Chris Payne managed to assassinate Aurelio Gonzales and bring Death Match to a close.

So despite the best efforts of the other assassins, it was the perfect timing of Chris Payne that managed to defeat the Bureau. After this, we all had a talk about the week gone by, past kills and what they thought of it in all. Whilst one angry assassin turned up late, with a friend, the two of them had been using walkie talkies to try and track down the Bureau but had failed to notice that a different path had been taken and therefore spent all the time waiting for Aurelio to walk past.

So after over a week of hunting things will be returning to normal, although one day the Bureau will return and on that day the mayhem will start all over again.

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