Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day Three Of Death Match

As i write this, we have 25 people left in Death Match, although kills have started to slow down. It's now been narrowed down to two types of assassin, those that hide in their houses and don't hunt at all and those that have been constantly on the hunt for their next target.

Whilst the Bureau made a decision to keep the cowardly assassins in the game, we know they do not have the skill to win the tournament and are therefor, are happy to keep them in as pray for the others.

Our highlight of today was a failed assassination attempt that turned into a water gun kidnapping of an innocent housemate. All this was relayed to us down the phone by a screaming assassin, those of you that know the Bureau, will know that we just laughed. Whilst another assassin has reached the mighty heights of six kills, it was this assassin that laid siege in the kidnapping, he is very determined. Those of you not with the mental toughness to hunt him down, we pity you.

Tomorrow is another day of hunting, good luck and make the most of your surroundings.

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The Idea Bakery said...

hi luke and wilf,

Sorry I've taken a while to reply. I'm really not sure if the ogilvy fellowship is for planners or creatives doesn't say anywhere and there is no email to contact someone to ask them. It's really confusing!!

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