Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Big Planet

We thought this game was worthy of a post, we love the animation style, it's so different to any other game around. Not to mention we love the the open source nature of the game. The idea that you can create your own levels and then share them around the community as well as play other peoples levels is not unique, but this game does it in such an original way.

Little Big Planet Trailer from sophie laFraise on Vimeo.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tired Of Dominos

After the Guinness 'Tipping Point' this seems rather dull and doesn't really do the brand many favours.

Tracing Light

Over the weekend we got involved with a project commissioned by our university and undertaken by artist Tine Bech. She has worked on various projects involving the manipulation of lighting and this recent project involved exploring the uses of Graffiti lighting and LED Throwies. Tine also produced a permanent piece of art on a bridge next to the Farnham Maltings, which uses motion sensors to change the colour of the bridge lighting as you alk along. To mark this, we help an open workshop for the community to learn more about the uses of LED Throwies, teaching participants how to build their own Throwies and the various uses they have.

We also had a photography workshop that allowed attendees to play around with the light streams and camera shutter speed, which was a lot of fun.

If you like the look of the above photos, then there are lots more here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Relax Between Briefs

A package arrived at my door today, two boxes worth of Sega Lock-On. Yes, we now have the retro laser-gun game at our disposal, as well as instant access to our childhoods. One of our mates bought some on eBay and after a drunken night running around the streets with the sounds of targets bleeping around us, we were hooked.

So from now on, whenever we get frustrated at a brief or can't decide how best to tackle it, we'll let the Lock-on decide. That's all for now, we're off to play with guns in the dark. Just to note, we're not addicted to guns and stuff, as looking at our recent posts, Death Match and now this, it does look like we are warmongers or the like, honest that's not the case. Maybe.


We went to AdEaters last night, which was an experience. Some really good adverts, that maybe you think just how clever some people are, whilst at the same time we witnessed some awful adverts that make you think how the creators keep their jobs.

Overall a nice experience and we also managed to meet some nice people including Wal & Jai from Creative in London. Was just a shame there wasn't more groundbreaking work on show, although it was a cool experience to watch our industries craft on the big screen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Death Match Final Standings

Here is a list showing the order in which assassins were killed, we hope it means there are no disputes between assassins.

Disqualified For Not Killing

John Dobbs
Tom Tsappis
James Pierson
Cass Gregan
James Corlett
Lee Sullivan
Ashley Summers
Ewan Guilder

Resigned Gracefully From Tournament

Panagiotis Papamatthaiou
Chris MacFarlane

Killed During Tournament (Starting From First Killed)

Ben Ring
Jamie Kendall
Carmen Rohsmann-Sinnott
Jack Attridge
Rachel Bean
Alistair Singer
Dave George
Kate Herron
Lauren Cautley
Sam Heasman
Will Jenner
Vanessa Peters
Gaow Changsomboon
Mike Thomas
Emma Wood
Matt Hawkins
Karl Littlejohn
Jemma Akister
Helen Gabriel
Melissa Gillespie
Chris Horrex
Alex Battershall
Timothy Holt
Christina Bruce
Andrew Tarrent
Reece Starr
Luke Middleton
Amrit Kaur
Dave Lawrie
Ed Coleman
Chris Pike
Sam Ely
Reuben Millmore
Jamie Wood
Anthony Woodley
Claire Pinegar

The Finalists

Lauren Dyer
Hannah Vyner
Steve Martin
Matt Roach
Greg Nicholls
Amiirah Nobbebacus

The Ultimate Assassin

Chris Payne

Death Match will return, so share what you know and we hope to get even more people playing next time. Any thoughts on it, post on our comments section.

An End To The Mayhem

The final details were sent to remaining assassins on the Monday, including information on Aurelio Gonzales and his plans for the day. So at 3pm, the Bureau took on the role of bodyguards for Aurelio Gonzales, transporting him from the lion and lamb statue to the meeting point in the park.

The first event of the final occurred literally at the moment the final started, with 'The pizza guy' dashing out of Starbucks and behind a pillar, unfortunately for him, his Wario- like snigger alerted the Bureau, who quickly shot him, disabling him for twenty minutes. The Bureau then set a course to the park through the back roads of Farnham and then along the high street. Whilst walking along the street we came very close to shooting an innocent lady, as she walked round a corner right into the Bureau's path, we pointed our guns at her, trigger fingers itching. She let out a whimper and shouted, but the Bureau ignored her, more focused on the task at hand.

Then we made our way to the park, walking through the entrance we noticed another assassin, stalking slowly behind us, but he soon scarpered. Once set up in the park, with entrances covered and Aurelio near the centre, we began to patrol. First noticing an assassin entering the park and then hurriedly leaving, followed by 'the pizza guy' sprinting towards Aurelio, gun in hand. Luckily we caught him just before he could get in range to shoot.

The park soon became overrun by assassins, with five of the finalists all surrounding the perimeter, waiting for the chance to strike. Whilst with only two bodyguards protecting Aurelio, the Bureau were outnumbered. The resolution to the situation came when the two female assassins made a dash for Aurelio, whilst 'the pizza guy' tried his luck from another direction. These attempts lead to both bodyguards chasing away assassins and leaving Aurelio alone. At that exact moment, another assassin jumped over the park wall and sprinted towards the target, whilst both bodyguards were busy, he took his chance and pounced. Using a weapon that only held enough water for one shot, Chris Payne managed to assassinate Aurelio Gonzales and bring Death Match to a close.

So despite the best efforts of the other assassins, it was the perfect timing of Chris Payne that managed to defeat the Bureau. After this, we all had a talk about the week gone by, past kills and what they thought of it in all. Whilst one angry assassin turned up late, with a friend, the two of them had been using walkie talkies to try and track down the Bureau but had failed to notice that a different path had been taken and therefore spent all the time waiting for Aurelio to walk past.

So after over a week of hunting things will be returning to normal, although one day the Bureau will return and on that day the mayhem will start all over again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Aurelio Gonzales

The above photo is of Aurelio Gonzales, he is the new target for the remaining Death Match assassins. He is a distant relation of a member of the Bureau and is in Farnham to sign a huge oil contract. The Bureau has decided that they do not wish this to occur and wish remaining assassins to kill him before he signs the deal. Due to a clash of interests, the Bureau will still be protecting Aurelio Gonzales so as to not draw attention when he is eliminated. Although, as we will be protecting him, we can disclose the details of his whereabouts.

He will be leaving the Lion & Lamb statue at exactly 3pm and taking an unknown route to the park near the police station. Once there he will wait to meet the other parties, this is the time for you to strike. Just remember that Bureau bodyguards will attempt to stop you. Aurelio Gonzales will also be wearing his trademark red fez...

Good luck and remember that the first assassin to kill Aurelio will be named the Ultimate Death Match Assassin.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Death Match Photo

A very nice image that was taken by our friend Bim, she has a blog which you should check out. Its going really well, we only have seven players left after removing some non active members of the tournament, which we hope will make it a little more harrowing for the remaining players.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Five, Stay Alive

The Bureau woke up to day five with a headache, the reason for this being the previous days antics. Our leading assassin (6 Kills) managed to gain entry to a targets house and stalked through the rooms until he realised that his target was not home, although others were. This resulted in one of the housemates locking the front door with all the locks she could get her hands on, locking the other housemates out in the process. This meant we had an assassin without a house, whilst still being hunted by the top killer. A very harrowing situation to be in, no place to go and the knowledge that you may soon be hunted again.

Our top killer so far.

This led to the Bureau receiving lots of calls and an increasingly large headache. Luckily for that assassin her hunter was killed that evening after he left work, although he is still top with six kills. It was also lucky that on Friday morning another housemate returned home and managed to bash all the locks off the door. So security at last for our assassin, but it goes to show the drama that has been going on over the past few days.

The Bureau also managed to catch up with 'The Pizza Guy' an assassin that had converted an old pizza box into a tool to hide his gun whilst attacking unsuspecting targets. He stalked around the university halls in search of his target and even returned to a house twice in search of a target. The target's housemates liked the idea so much, that they said they would even help him out with the assassination by arranging a time for him to come round when the target was in. Whilst other efforts of 'The Pizza Guy' have been luring unsuspecting classmates into meeting up with him, promising to give them information on their own target before he assassinates them; another involved a straight chase down the road after a target....Be warned 'The Pizza Guy' is still out there...

'The Pizza Guy'

As I write this, at the end of the fifth day, we have 14 players left. So if you are left in the game, go out and hunt. Hunt until day turns to night, until your trigger finger get so cold that it doesn't move, you only have two days left. The more assassins you kill, the closer you will become to the the ultimate prize....if we don't have a winner by Sunday afternoon, the rules will all change and you will regret not hunting more targets down.

Good luck assassins.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drive-By On Day Four

First of all, sorry that we haven't been able to post for a few days, things have been very hectic.

Day four started in a frenzied fashion, way before classes had even started, the day produced its first kill. Whilst walking along the road, an assassin realised that a car was slowly following him and a friend. At that moment the car rushed past with a jet of water shooting from its window, luckily missing the assassin. Sadly for him, the car then pulled up and his hunter chased him along an ally to make sure the job was done. It's been a feature of the last few days that cars have been used when hunting targets, one assassin even using his motorbike and referred to himself as "The Black Knight."

A failed assassination attempt by two pairs of assassins. It ended with one pair trapped in their car until the other car left.

Was a good laugh for The Bureau who watched it all unfold.

That same day a member of The Bureau was involved in their own soaking. After driving a housemate/ assassin around for a while in search of their target, it was decided to try their house again. Unknown to the assassin, was the fact that not only was their target home, but all the other members of the eight person household, whom proceeded to soak both assassin and Bureau member. The assassin was very cheesed off, yet another attempt foiled by these housemates whilst the target peeks through the window with a grin on his face. Although it must be said, after the soaking of The Bureau member, there will be consequences and The Bureau will soon be out and about with super soakers and water balloons to avenge the soaking.....

You have been warned.

Day Three Of Death Match

As i write this, we have 25 people left in Death Match, although kills have started to slow down. It's now been narrowed down to two types of assassin, those that hide in their houses and don't hunt at all and those that have been constantly on the hunt for their next target.

Whilst the Bureau made a decision to keep the cowardly assassins in the game, we know they do not have the skill to win the tournament and are therefor, are happy to keep them in as pray for the others.

Our highlight of today was a failed assassination attempt that turned into a water gun kidnapping of an innocent housemate. All this was relayed to us down the phone by a screaming assassin, those of you that know the Bureau, will know that we just laughed. Whilst another assassin has reached the mighty heights of six kills, it was this assassin that laid siege in the kidnapping, he is very determined. Those of you not with the mental toughness to hunt him down, we pity you.

Tomorrow is another day of hunting, good luck and make the most of your surroundings.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let The Killing Begin

Well, Death Match is underway and we've already had 16 kills. A fundraiser for our degree show, Death Match is a water gun assassination tournament based in our university town of Farnham. We took inspiration from Street Wars, an American organised Water assassination tournament. The game has been organised by Myself, Luke and our course mate, George and we have about 60 people playing, all trying to 'kill' each other. So far, Farnham has been witness to assassins disguising themselves as Pizza delivery men; fellow students looking to collaborate; innocent, helpful passers-by and Inspector Gadget. Assassinations have taken place in cars, in doorways, in hallways and one whilst the target was asleep in his bed, things can only get messier!

Our assassins have been distributed Target Packs, with a target card and rule sheet, as seen below:

As well as the 'Ultimate Assassin' trophy that will be given to the winner, we have a prize for the most kills, which is currently being strongly contested by the Inspector Gadget lookalike. We are also encouraging the contestants to document their missions so as to dispel any possible disputes that could arise, and to create a bit of competitiveness. We have been suprised by the dedication shown by a few contestants, particularly so early on, and so have their targets! We've also been asked by some of the brave fallen to host another Match so they can reap their revenge - something we would be more than happy to arrange. Our only regret so far is that we can't get involved in the match itself.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Project

Our new project starts tomorrow, we're looking forward to it. It lasts a week and it may be quite intense, but will try and post up some news throughout the week. It's all to raise money for our degree show which we hope to hold at Free Range. More will be revealed soon.
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