Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cold Morning Killer

There have been important events over the course of the last twenty four hours. First of all, one of the tournament favourites has been eliminated, yes, Sam Ely is out. After his heroic efforts, he has been gunned down by the tournament's current leading assassin.

Next, it is our job to inform you that the tournament itself is now a two assassin race, which we shall give you more information on later in this post. For now, we have another story to tell, this time the assassin has been nicknamed 'The Cold Morning Killer' or 'CMK' for his sheer direct approach.

So yesterday afternoon was turning out to be rather quiet on the kill count, with only two kills. Then we got word that the CMK had taken out an assassin near his own house and was quickly making tracks to hunt his next target. This target happened to be his girlfriend, he therefore lay in wait at hers. When she arrived, we are informed that he acted casually, cuddling and kissing as couples do. Then, as if he was joking, the assassin shot his girlfriend in the face, several times before continuing the couples fun. He then muttered, 'You're dead." To which his girlfriend assumed he was joking, yet after a matter of minutes, it dawned upon her that she had just been eliminated.

The CMK then went to bed, ready for the morning and his next targets. The Bureau were then woken up this morning, asking where in Farnham the target's road was and after giving direction the assassin went for his first kill of the day at 8am. He sneaked into his target's house, up the stairs and into a bedroom, which turned out to be a housemate of the target. Silently closing the door, the assassin went into the next room, yet his target was not in bed. Creeping back down the stairs, he heard noises from a downstairs room and burst into their living room, to face two lads asleep in front of the television. The CMK immediately recognized his target and shouted his name, then, as the target opened his sleepy eyes, a jet of water hit him the face.

Spurred on, the CMK raced to gain another kill before the morning lectures, he walked across Farnham to the location of his next target. He tried the front door, which was locked, yet noticed the target's bike was still at the house and could hear noises. He again lay in wait in the bushes, with a super-soaker to attack the moving target. As his clock hands struck 10am, his target left her house and cycled past him. Just at that point he sprayed her right in the face, stopping her in her tracks and leaving the target covered in water whilst she screamed.

At this point the CMK had gained six kills and this meant there were three assassins left.

The CMK made his way to lecture, a tricky situation due to the fact a classmate was hunting him. So at this point, Death Match was a three-way race, leaving all assassins feeling nervous. Finally the CMK escaped, and was given a lift to track his target, whilst searching, his hunter spotted him and a chase ensued.

The CMK and his driver managed to loose the assassin, and went in search once more, however whilst stuck in traffic his hunter snuck up behind the car, opened the unlocked door and shot the CMK in the face. Leaving DM2 with two assassins standing at this point in time, the question is, who will win; Jemma Akister or Jack Attridge?

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