Friday, February 27, 2009

The DM2 Standings

Andy Tarrent
Joanne Jordon
James Hyde
Jahied Ahmed
Michael Fisher
James Corlett
Matt Roach
Oli Dougherty

Eliminated (First Kill of Tournament Through To Last):

Karolina Alasaustra
Matthew Brock
Sam Heasman
Rory Elphick
Kaylie Nugent
Cass Gregan
Lauren Cautely
Hayley Morris
Unai Arrillaga
Reuben Millmore
Mark Hall
Chris MacFarlane
James Cook
Emma Wood
Kirsty Bane
Rachel Bean
Amy French
Hannah Vyner
Kate Herron
Greg Nicholls
Lauren Dyer
Alex Battershall
Sam Green
Gabriele Donada
Gaow Changsombo
Jamie Kendall
Amiirah Nobbeebacus
Kat Turngate
Mike Baker
Salome Van Leuven
Jamie Pither
Riccardo Servini
Callum Jenkins
Dave George
Claire Pinegar
Zac Moss
Chris Payne
Daniel Goodall
Reece Starr
Jamie Wood
Christopher Eyles
John Dobbs
Alastair Singer
Steve Martin
Chris Pike
Anthony Woodley
Luke Smith
Lulu Evans
Matt Hawkins
Alex Milnes
Timothy Holt
Becky Pollack
Sam Ely
Oliver Haynes
Helen Gabriel
Elliot Gregory
Stephanie Kennedy
Carmen Rohssmann-Sinnot
Chris Horrex
Jemma Akister

Ultimate Assassin & Most Kills:
Jack Attridge (11 kills)

We hope that all of the players have enjoyed themselves, several eliminated assassins have voiced their want for another tournament before the year ends. The Bureau are very busy, but would be happy to oblige if we see a large interest. If you do want to play, please leave us a comment on this post, so we can judge if we can run another tournament.

The Bureau may be back, but for now, stay alert as you never know who may be hunting you.

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