Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ultimate Assassin

We have a champion and he goes by the name of Jack Attridge.

Our Ultimate Assassin

His tournament ending kill was executed with precision, as he snuck in Akister's back door and into her kitchen. When faced with three girls, he sussed his target and sharply whacked her.

We praise this assassin for his dedication and determination, with a total of eleven kills, he is the ultimate assassin, with his closet rival on six kills. Therefore, not only is he the overall winner, Jack also claims the 'Most Kills' award.

The Bureau salutes you for managing to wipe out all other players without the need
for a final showdown, Mr Attridge, the Bureau will be in touch for future missions.

Well done. Commiserations to all those that failed, you were simply not good enough.

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