Thursday, February 19, 2009

DM Day 3: The Champion Is Dead

As this is written, the elimination count stands at thirty- nine, an impressive amount for the end of the third day. This has mostly been down to a few select assassins who have been direct and efficient, whilst the rest of you hide yourselves away like cowards; the cowards will soon be struck off.

So, it is with sadness and excitement that we announce that the pre
vious champion of Death Match has been eliminated; Yes Chris Payne is now out and we will soon have a new champion, which we hope spurs you all on.

DM1 Champion Chris Payne

The assassin that shot the ex-champ goes by the name of 'Ringo' or Reece Starr and he currently holds the title of 'most kills' with five overall.

Most Kills so far- 'Ringo'

Yet, we must also announce that after eliminating the previous champion, 'Ringo' was also wiped from the tournament board by the efforts of a budding assassin. So now it remains unclear who will claim the title, but in the meantime the Bureau wish the leave you with one thought.

There is one assassin that wants to make this title his own and he is determined to prove himself, many assassins suffered at his hands in the last tournament and his very name seems to cause players to loose their cool
. We simply refer to him simply as 'Ely' and the question is, do you think you can stop him?

Open firefly