Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DM Day 2: The Mysterious Assassins

After a long day of eliminations, the count stands at twenty- five assassins killed. We are pretty pleased with this, especially with those assassins that have shown the determination to hang around campus all day until their target turned up. This determination was summed up by two assassins who opened their door on the morning of the delivery, just as 'The Bureau' were driving off, the players were almost certainly ready for action.

It has become apparent during this tournament, that the efforts have been raised by assassins as they attempt to keep themselves safe. Three particular examples being players that changed their names and photos on their Facebook accounts so to avoid detection from those on the hunt.

These three assassins have shown their cunning, yet sadly the player above has already been eliminated. Yet her two pals are still alive and hunting below the radar, that is unless you hear them coming. It must be stated that so far, the assassins that have taken extra measures has been most successful and we can firmly say that assassins that do not conduct themselves in such mysterious fashion, will be eliminated by those more whom are more prepared.

We are also aware of another assassin that has revealed himself as 'The Jokester' yet he has not yet been sighted, we wait to see if he lives up to his hype.

'The Jokester'

Good luck assassins, you will need it.

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