Friday, February 20, 2009

DM Day 4: In Hiding

Today has been interesting, we've had several disputed kills, some which turned out to be lies and others which turned out to confusion. As it stands, we have twenty assassins left, with three days for someone to claim the title.

So, hiding, it seems that a few of the remaining assassins are either very ineffective or are in hiding, most probably cowering in their rooms. In desperate hope that they may be able to get a cheeky kill and win the whole thing, well think again. The Bureau won't stand for it and as many of you will already know, those that have not killed will be struck off tomorrow evening. So if you're reading this, in your room with your curtains drawn and door locked, smug and satisfied, we hope you realise that only the brave and determined win DM

On another hiding note, it was a member of the Bureau's pleasure to play host to one particular assassin today. By this, we mean that an assassin paid this member's house a visit in order to eliminate a housemate. He knocked on the door, asked if his target was around and for his phone number (Just for a chat your understand.) Yet he was denied flat out. So this assassin took to waiting on the step, with a notebook in his hand. He spent over a hour scribbling away in his book, which we figure to be the book for his DM tactics. Eventually the assassin became anxious, so he opted to hide in a bush, much to the amusement of the housemates, who decided to make the assassin a cup of tea.

After all this, the assassin finally gave up and wandered off, only to be seen at around 7:00pm where he finally killed his target. He was waiting in the car park, when his target came past, at which point the assassin dashed towards him, super soaker in hand and drenched the target at point- blank range.

To this assassin, we applaud you. We have started to believe that you could well prove everyone else wrong, well done Jack Attridge.


Jack Attridge said...

It was 2 hours in the bush. I think you'll find that I was writing down my first hand experience in DM. I plan to read this out at the next open mic night.

Luke and Wilf said...

Interesting, we will wait to hear your thoughts.

Open firefly