Friday, February 13, 2009


Jo Burdett says:

'Trebdub: The new term for world wide web and much easier to use in a sentence.'

Stupid student term, or new worldwide catchphrase; you tell us.


Jam said...

I always preferred the sound, "wuhwuhwuh"... feels like the internet deserves a name that sounds like an incantation.

Mike said...

How about 'the web' ? Although Trebdub does seem to sum it up in a more amusing way. I read it as Tre-dub. Sounds nicer.

How random.

Luke and Wilf said...

'The web' is the general term for, well, The Web, but when you're telling someone the web address, it doesn't flow as well...I like tre-dub, then again it doesn't make much difference - it's still Treble Double-U.

William said...

It's nearly as pseudo-rah as George referring to a criminal record as a 'Crim-Rec'.
Like all coolio on the Kings Rd, yah?

Luke and Wilf said...

nope, not kings rd, more barrow boy.

Mike said...

True. I stand corrected. Can't say anymore.

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