Friday, February 27, 2009

The DM2 Standings

Andy Tarrent
Joanne Jordon
James Hyde
Jahied Ahmed
Michael Fisher
James Corlett
Matt Roach
Oli Dougherty

Eliminated (First Kill of Tournament Through To Last):

Karolina Alasaustra
Matthew Brock
Sam Heasman
Rory Elphick
Kaylie Nugent
Cass Gregan
Lauren Cautely
Hayley Morris
Unai Arrillaga
Reuben Millmore
Mark Hall
Chris MacFarlane
James Cook
Emma Wood
Kirsty Bane
Rachel Bean
Amy French
Hannah Vyner
Kate Herron
Greg Nicholls
Lauren Dyer
Alex Battershall
Sam Green
Gabriele Donada
Gaow Changsombo
Jamie Kendall
Amiirah Nobbeebacus
Kat Turngate
Mike Baker
Salome Van Leuven
Jamie Pither
Riccardo Servini
Callum Jenkins
Dave George
Claire Pinegar
Zac Moss
Chris Payne
Daniel Goodall
Reece Starr
Jamie Wood
Christopher Eyles
John Dobbs
Alastair Singer
Steve Martin
Chris Pike
Anthony Woodley
Luke Smith
Lulu Evans
Matt Hawkins
Alex Milnes
Timothy Holt
Becky Pollack
Sam Ely
Oliver Haynes
Helen Gabriel
Elliot Gregory
Stephanie Kennedy
Carmen Rohssmann-Sinnot
Chris Horrex
Jemma Akister

Ultimate Assassin & Most Kills:
Jack Attridge (11 kills)

We hope that all of the players have enjoyed themselves, several eliminated assassins have voiced their want for another tournament before the year ends. The Bureau are very busy, but would be happy to oblige if we see a large interest. If you do want to play, please leave us a comment on this post, so we can judge if we can run another tournament.

The Bureau may be back, but for now, stay alert as you never know who may be hunting you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ultimate Assassin

We have a champion and he goes by the name of Jack Attridge.

Our Ultimate Assassin

His tournament ending kill was executed with precision, as he snuck in Akister's back door and into her kitchen. When faced with three girls, he sussed his target and sharply whacked her.

We praise this assassin for his dedication and determination, with a total of eleven kills, he is the ultimate assassin, with his closet rival on six kills. Therefore, not only is he the overall winner, Jack also claims the 'Most Kills' award.

The Bureau salutes you for managing to wipe out all other players without the need
for a final showdown, Mr Attridge, the Bureau will be in touch for future missions.

Well done. Commiserations to all those that failed, you were simply not good enough.

The Cold Morning Killer

There have been important events over the course of the last twenty four hours. First of all, one of the tournament favourites has been eliminated, yes, Sam Ely is out. After his heroic efforts, he has been gunned down by the tournament's current leading assassin.

Next, it is our job to inform you that the tournament itself is now a two assassin race, which we shall give you more information on later in this post. For now, we have another story to tell, this time the assassin has been nicknamed 'The Cold Morning Killer' or 'CMK' for his sheer direct approach.

So yesterday afternoon was turning out to be rather quiet on the kill count, with only two kills. Then we got word that the CMK had taken out an assassin near his own house and was quickly making tracks to hunt his next target. This target happened to be his girlfriend, he therefore lay in wait at hers. When she arrived, we are informed that he acted casually, cuddling and kissing as couples do. Then, as if he was joking, the assassin shot his girlfriend in the face, several times before continuing the couples fun. He then muttered, 'You're dead." To which his girlfriend assumed he was joking, yet after a matter of minutes, it dawned upon her that she had just been eliminated.

The CMK then went to bed, ready for the morning and his next targets. The Bureau were then woken up this morning, asking where in Farnham the target's road was and after giving direction the assassin went for his first kill of the day at 8am. He sneaked into his target's house, up the stairs and into a bedroom, which turned out to be a housemate of the target. Silently closing the door, the assassin went into the next room, yet his target was not in bed. Creeping back down the stairs, he heard noises from a downstairs room and burst into their living room, to face two lads asleep in front of the television. The CMK immediately recognized his target and shouted his name, then, as the target opened his sleepy eyes, a jet of water hit him the face.

Spurred on, the CMK raced to gain another kill before the morning lectures, he walked across Farnham to the location of his next target. He tried the front door, which was locked, yet noticed the target's bike was still at the house and could hear noises. He again lay in wait in the bushes, with a super-soaker to attack the moving target. As his clock hands struck 10am, his target left her house and cycled past him. Just at that point he sprayed her right in the face, stopping her in her tracks and leaving the target covered in water whilst she screamed.

At this point the CMK had gained six kills and this meant there were three assassins left.

The CMK made his way to lecture, a tricky situation due to the fact a classmate was hunting him. So at this point, Death Match was a three-way race, leaving all assassins feeling nervous. Finally the CMK escaped, and was given a lift to track his target, whilst searching, his hunter spotted him and a chase ensued.

The CMK and his driver managed to loose the assassin, and went in search once more, however whilst stuck in traffic his hunter snuck up behind the car, opened the unlocked door and shot the CMK in the face. Leaving DM2 with two assassins standing at this point in time, the question is, who will win; Jemma Akister or Jack Attridge?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yesterday eliminations were made to rid Death Match of any assassins that were not up to the task. Therefore, those that have been eliminated have received a message confirming that they can no longer continue, after all, we are seeking the best. So, the tournament continues and the assassins that remain have all killed at least one target; this is where it will get tougher.

We are now left with eleven assassins and it may well be the case that the remaining players receive new targets. Which means you should all be on guard at all times, you never know who may be hunting you next.

Friday, February 20, 2009

DM Day 4: In Hiding

Today has been interesting, we've had several disputed kills, some which turned out to be lies and others which turned out to confusion. As it stands, we have twenty assassins left, with three days for someone to claim the title.

So, hiding, it seems that a few of the remaining assassins are either very ineffective or are in hiding, most probably cowering in their rooms. In desperate hope that they may be able to get a cheeky kill and win the whole thing, well think again. The Bureau won't stand for it and as many of you will already know, those that have not killed will be struck off tomorrow evening. So if you're reading this, in your room with your curtains drawn and door locked, smug and satisfied, we hope you realise that only the brave and determined win DM

On another hiding note, it was a member of the Bureau's pleasure to play host to one particular assassin today. By this, we mean that an assassin paid this member's house a visit in order to eliminate a housemate. He knocked on the door, asked if his target was around and for his phone number (Just for a chat your understand.) Yet he was denied flat out. So this assassin took to waiting on the step, with a notebook in his hand. He spent over a hour scribbling away in his book, which we figure to be the book for his DM tactics. Eventually the assassin became anxious, so he opted to hide in a bush, much to the amusement of the housemates, who decided to make the assassin a cup of tea.

After all this, the assassin finally gave up and wandered off, only to be seen at around 7:00pm where he finally killed his target. He was waiting in the car park, when his target came past, at which point the assassin dashed towards him, super soaker in hand and drenched the target at point- blank range.

To this assassin, we applaud you. We have started to believe that you could well prove everyone else wrong, well done Jack Attridge.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DM Day 3: The Champion Is Dead

As this is written, the elimination count stands at thirty- nine, an impressive amount for the end of the third day. This has mostly been down to a few select assassins who have been direct and efficient, whilst the rest of you hide yourselves away like cowards; the cowards will soon be struck off.

So, it is with sadness and excitement that we announce that the pre
vious champion of Death Match has been eliminated; Yes Chris Payne is now out and we will soon have a new champion, which we hope spurs you all on.

DM1 Champion Chris Payne

The assassin that shot the ex-champ goes by the name of 'Ringo' or Reece Starr and he currently holds the title of 'most kills' with five overall.

Most Kills so far- 'Ringo'

Yet, we must also announce that after eliminating the previous champion, 'Ringo' was also wiped from the tournament board by the efforts of a budding assassin. So now it remains unclear who will claim the title, but in the meantime the Bureau wish the leave you with one thought.

There is one assassin that wants to make this title his own and he is determined to prove himself, many assassins suffered at his hands in the last tournament and his very name seems to cause players to loose their cool
. We simply refer to him simply as 'Ely' and the question is, do you think you can stop him?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DM Day 2: The Mysterious Assassins

After a long day of eliminations, the count stands at twenty- five assassins killed. We are pretty pleased with this, especially with those assassins that have shown the determination to hang around campus all day until their target turned up. This determination was summed up by two assassins who opened their door on the morning of the delivery, just as 'The Bureau' were driving off, the players were almost certainly ready for action.

It has become apparent during this tournament, that the efforts have been raised by assassins as they attempt to keep themselves safe. Three particular examples being players that changed their names and photos on their Facebook accounts so to avoid detection from those on the hunt.

These three assassins have shown their cunning, yet sadly the player above has already been eliminated. Yet her two pals are still alive and hunting below the radar, that is unless you hear them coming. It must be stated that so far, the assassins that have taken extra measures has been most successful and we can firmly say that assassins that do not conduct themselves in such mysterious fashion, will be eliminated by those more whom are more prepared.

We are also aware of another assassin that has revealed himself as 'The Jokester' yet he has not yet been sighted, we wait to see if he lives up to his hype.

'The Jokester'

Good luck assassins, you will need it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

First Round Up

As we write this, we are drawing to the end of the first day's play, at last count we had eight kills. There have been a couple of assassins that have two kills already, their dedication is impressive.

The tournament commenced with sixty- nine assassins, with a lot of preparation going into making sure that all assassins had the required information and tools for the game.

Whilst the order of the tournament was drawn at random.

Overall 'The Bureau' have been pleased with the effort and would like to remind assassins that you should be mature enough to accept when you have been eliminated. We'd also like you to send in more pictures and videos of your kills so that we can bring you in detail, the stories behind the tournament. A tiring yet rewarding 24 hours.

The Game Is On

Packs have been delivered, let the hunting begin.

Send any photos or videos of your hunting to our email please, as we'd like to try and write some profiles of the tournaments best assassins.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Jo Burdett says:

'Trebdub: The new term for world wide web and much easier to use in a sentence.'

Stupid student term, or new worldwide catchphrase; you tell us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Football Related Hate

This has been done many times before, so it doesnt really excite. Shame, as David Bentley isnt a bad player.

This makes us squirm, maybe it's the shocking acting, or just the whole feel of it the leaves us disappointed by the promise of Peter Crouch dancing away. Its a nice idea, but the way the clip is produced makes it feel dull. It feels like T- Mobile are flogging a dead horse and a very weak attempt to do a creative viral. Yet, if they had maybe shot this as a clip of Crouch dancing away in the showers and secretly being filmed, then it may have been much better.

That is all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100m Photo

Some of the faces in this are awesome, as well as the really strange characters. The photo, taken by Simon Hoegsberg took 20 days of taking pictures from one spot on a bridge in Berlin. Its called 'We're All Gonna Die- 100 meters of existence.'


Via: ffffound!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Trade Show

Finally a moment to have a little catch up on the blog. We've been quite busy with D&AD workshops and working on our book, we might try and put some stuff up about both of these soon.

For now, it's time to show off the KesselsKramer Tradeshow; celebrating the agencies work. It's being held on our UCA camp
us and it's been nice to see the faces of the other students, most of which are fairly snobby towards advertising. They almost seem ashamed to like the work, so hopefully we'll be given a bit more respect on campus.

Here's some photos of the show:

Open firefly